Sunday, January 31, 2010

Social Media has done it, what are you thinking about?

Article for Parents….. Today much is known about social networks, they arrived without warning and grew before we could understand how they work, but guess what, we are all already sharing information, photos, and videos, without thinking far as they have gone. This article will try to explain in general terms, how they work, and far reaching if we decide we belong to them.

Currently there are several Internet networks that allow us to share information, to reconnect with old friends, and the best known are HI5, My Space, Twitter, and of course FACEBOOK.

We received an invitation from one of our friends, and acquaintances by e-mail, asking us where we enrolled Facebook, and as fast as a link away, we filled our data, we accept the terms and conditions of the company, (which of course I never read) and create an account, from that moment, and we're already enjoying the "gossipy" world's largest, with over 300 million active users. Suddenly we realize that almost all our friends and acquaintances are already there, ask them to let us add to our account and then begin to understand how it all begins ...

What are you thinking about?

At first few were those who filled the blank: "What are you thinking? "Where it is sometimes very funny or clever to express what you are thinking, or read what others are thinking, some have used it as a space for reflection and many like an open book literally expose what they are doing at the time, or just what happens to me at the time they are connected.

He became so popular and entertaining to read what each who he wants to write, that a new social network called Twitter did not hesitate to use that resource, to create another business model, based on what each person is thinking, believing or doing, but that's another story ...

And who are thinking about kids today actually, to enlist in their lists of friends and people they scarcely know or worse yet people who believe they know, or want to know this through Facebook.
Guys, Facebook works great if they give up for two separate lists of their close friends and acquaintances, NEVER a stranger or someone they are not sure whether that person actually.


The first thing to watch is to separate their lists of friends and acquaintances, making sure his "friends" are only those with access to everything they write, up and “tag" you.

If not yet done so, NOW is a good day, I recommend you read the list to prepare them with the details of how to make these changes, step by step.

Also be careful with fall applications of third parties (not Facebook) and give permission to enter their accounts, I mean the fortune cookies at Farmville, and all the games, trivia, polls and accessories to them seeking permission ... eye! They are NOT FACEBOOK and are reading them like a friend more. FACEBOOK Certainly explains in its security tools that neither they nor anyone else can see who goes in or how many times your account, do not authorize anyone to perform that action and that is not true!

Social Media is here to stay, so.. learn more about it. I will be writing more about this topic.

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